Park realty Licence North Bay and Ontario Real Estate Agents and save a ton of money by joining an Ontario Real Estate Brokerage with No Board Fees.  Save your real estate licence from being terminated by RECO and Park it here and keep it active.  You may want it someday and it could be worth a fortune to you.  Full Office Support, No Desk Fees and Excellent referral fees paid out to you.

If you are planning to become an inactive real estate agent in North Bay Ontario then this message may be extremely important to you.  Real estate agents in Ontario now have a better option than to keep their license with a board member broker and incurring the added expense of the fees and dues even though no longer actively trading in sales.

When active, it is a foregone conclusion that being a member of your local board is crucial for sales success.  If you plan on earning a living selling real estate, it is suggested that you plan on being a member of your Board too.  If the opposite is true and you are taking a break from your real estate profession or if you are a brand new agent in Ontario then you do have a better option to park realty licence.

Join a brokerage who is not a member of any real estate board and this way you will not be liable to pay the board fees and dues as part of your expense.  Having said that, make sure the non board member has a very low or no cost to you for holding your license.  This is also known as warehousing your real estate license or hanging your licence or the most popular term these days is “parking your license” or “park your licence” or “park realty licence”.

Joining such a brokerage that holds or parks your license does not have to be for a long term.  Remember to ask many question before you register with them.  Referral fees paid to you will be a big factor too or at least should be for you.  If you sell your own house in North Bay or buy one or still do business with friends and/or relatives or even former clients you will earn a referral fee and that is great news for all park realty licence agents!!

You can still trade in real estate and with any kind of property in North Bay, residential, commercial, industrial, leasing etc.  Call up the Brokerage and do your due diligence.  It’s easier than you think.

Join a brokerage that has been in business holding licenses for a while and is proven to provide the best service for their agents who are parked with them.  Look for testimonials and talk to some agents that have parked their licence there.  There are many non Board member brokerages that are springing up these days and again let me stress that you do your home work on this to park realty licence.

Park your license with a credible and proven real estate brokerage in Ontario in good standing with RECO.  If the brokerage holding company shows the flexibility that you need then this could be your first clue that you are on the right track and you may park realty licence with them.

If you are going to take a break from real estate whether retiring, sabbatical, maternity leave or starting a new career, you can now park your licence in Ontario with a park real estate licence brokerage.  Get them to hold your license for as long as you need and then if you get back into sales you can jump back in with your Broker of origin.  Although you can still sell with a Brokerage that is a non board member, you will not be privilege to the benefits offered by being a board member unless you join them of coarse.


Yes, I am a Broker/Manager and want to refer my in-active real estate agents to your holding company Brokerage.

Yes I am a new/Veteran real estate agent and want to park my license for future use and save on most expenses.  

I also understand that I can still sell or refer business and still receive a high commission split in my favor

so please get back to me asap with more details:

The North Bay Real Estate Board which is located at 926 Cassells Street North Bay, Ontario P1B 4A8 is a very important organization made for agents to successfully trade in real estate and service their clients with knowledge, accountability, integrity and trust.  It is recommended that you remain a Board member if you remain active in the real estate sales business.

A good quality licence holding brokerage that serves real estate agents in Ontario is one that supports the agents in times when an agents circumstances change and they require to keep their real estate license active but do not and cannot keep the high cost of operation.  These agents are looking to park their license to take a break from sales and to also take a break from the day to day expenses.  Save thousands when you park realty licence.


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